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Rely Limited is an online insurance adviser service that enables clients to access the very best advice online without the need for home visits by insurance advisers.  However, if any of our clients would like to meet with an adviser in person we are happy to do this.

As we are members of The Newpark Group (which is a collective of advisers throughout New Zealand numbering around 200) we can be of service to you should you require an adviser to call and see you - no matter where you live!

Rely Limited has industry trained advisers who are able to choose from leading New Zealand insurance companies and are also able to choose products which best suit our clients' needs.

Being a member of The Newpark Group means we have access to many tools and services that benefit both our advisers and you, our clients.

Our aim is to provide a simple online solution for our clients that not only gives them great protection but also gives relevant protection to each individual client.

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Fax: +64 9 533 3854
Physical Address: 2 Welllington Street, Howick, Auckland 2014
Postal Address: PO Box 39676, Howick, Auckland 2145
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