Xacuti Restaurant

The Legacy

Xacuti (pronounced as 'sha-ku-tee') literally means a melange of complex spices & is a Portuguese rendition of a traditional dish of coastal India called Sagoti. Xacuti personifies the evolution and fusion of Portuguese and Goan cuisine which took place since the 17h century. The trade and commerce routes encouraged the ever colourful and vibrant food and culture of Goa.

With such an abundance of historical culinary wealth on offer, we intend to re - define the concepts of traditional recipes. Our team at Xacuti have made an honest attempt to infuse these recipes with the vigour and panache of contemporary gastronomy. To sum it up, Xacuti is a voyage of traditional flavours with a very modern outlook.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday to Friday: 5:30pm till late
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11am till late

For bookings phone 027 555 7786

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09 534 3051
Mobile Phone: 027 555 7786
Physical Address: 35 Uxbridge Road, Mellons Bay, Auckland 2014
Website Address: www.xacuti.co.nz/