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My name is Bogusia Greenwood and I work as a therapist in two Auckland locations:  Remuera and Howick.

I work with adults and adolescents.  My particular areas of interest are grief and loss, feelings of loneliness, trauma, emptiness, anxiety, relationship and intimacy issues including sexuality.  I welcome conversations about sexual identity, transgender experiences, compulsive sexual behaviour and any concerns you may have around your sexual expression.  I have been trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy (AUT, Auckland) but I draw from array of different modalities.  I appreciate the existential tradition of thinking about   death, freedom, isolation, and meaning of life.

In the therapy you and I will engage in a relationship that offers full confidentiality and safety.  I believe that talking about our difficulties may help in dealing with them.  Sometimes our problems feel overwhelming and prevent us from the full engagement in our work and our relationships.  Sometimes our memories are stored in our body and in result we feel disengaged from it.  The therapy may help you to re-engage with your life,  the people around you, your work and your body.

The sessions are fifty minutes, and the frequency that  would suit your needs best will be discussed.
Sessions are $90, however I am mindful of financial difficulties so do not hesitate to let me know of your needs.

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021 160 9401
Physical Address: 1A Cook Street, Howick, Auckland, 2014
Website Address: www.engagetherapycounselling.com/