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Hearing Technology is bucking the trend of selling out to large overseas corporates, or hearing aid manufacturers. The practice was started in 1991 by John Robertson in Christchurch, and still remains as the family business.  Being locally owned and managed gives the team at Hearing Tech the advantage of independence which benefits you the Patient by providing you the best solution for your hearing loss from all leading brands of manufacturers

Currently, there are approximately 12 leading brands of hearing aid, mostly from Europe, and the U.S.  With today’s advanced technology, there is really no such thing as a ‘bad hearing aid’.  However, often different brands have a different focus.  Some have a good paediatric range, others take advantage of the new level of micro-electronics and are delivering ‘invisible-in-the-ear’ devices and still others have developed devices that are amazingly intelligent with the way they connect to external devices like iPhones, TV’s and other sound sources.  There is truly “something for everyone” in this new age of high-tech, microcomputers.

Partnering with a hearing practice that has access to all the options gives you the best chance of reconnecting you to your world in your unique way.  At Hearing Technology we say that “untreated hearing loss is far more obvious than wearing a discreet hearing device”.  Book a free consultation today to discuss your individual needs.

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