Howick Counselling Services

Mission Statement
"To enhance the quality of life of people by providing a range of professional counselling services in a supportive and caring environment."
Howick Counselling Services is a counselling agency dedicated to helping people improve their sense of well being.  We are a group of experienced and qualified counsellors/therapists from a variety of backgrounds that are committed to offering the very best service possible to the community.  Each counsellor is an independent practitioner.
Many people go through periods of their lives where the difficult issues that they face become too complex for them to resolve alone.  That is where a counsellor can be of greatest support - to talk the issues through and help them find a satisfactory way forward.  At Howick Counselling Services we are committed totally to that process.

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+64 9 533 4453
Physical Address: Selwyn House, 16 Selwyn Road, Howick, Auckland 2014
Postal Address: Selwyn House, 16 Selwyn Road, Howick, Auckland 2014
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