We had a number of amazing entries into the 2019 Howick Village Door Competition and it was clear to see how much thought, time and effort had been put into all of these works of art.

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the following winners!



19+ age group:

Placing                Artist                          Description                     Prize_____       

First placing          Margrit Notter             3D Fairyland                       $ 750.00

Second placing     Elise De Silva                Mangemangeroa               $ 500.00

Third placing         Mark Jones                  Carved door                        $ 250.00

Merit award          Leane Purvis                Green dotted koru            Art supplies

Merit award          Emma Sproul               Statement piece                Art supplies

Merit award          Susan Welland             Meditation piece              Art supplies


13 – 18 years age category:

First placing           Zoe Purvis                     Zed’s doodle art                  $ 500.00

Second placing      Mackenzie Alley           Cat carvings                         $ 250.00

Third placing          Monique Preisig           Multi door art piece           $ 150.00

Merit award           Saffron Brookes           Sunshine piece                    Art supplies

Merit award          Eden Rose Smith           Skeleton piece                    Art supplies

Merit award          Julie Kim                         Infinite staircase                 Art supplies